What You Need To Know About Recovering Data From Your Computer Hard Drive

If you are a heavy-duty computer user and run a business from home, your desktop or laptop may seem like a lifeline to you. While computers are durable machines that can last for years, they can also fail at unexpected times, leaving you at a loss for how to access crucial files that you need to perform essential tasks. Instead of waiting for a disaster to happen, be proactive and educate yourself on the main reasons why data corruption occurs and what steps you can take to recover essential files when your computer malfunctions. [Read More]

Business Computer Theft Prevention - How To Paint Your Computer A Unique Color

If you own a business and travel often to meet with clients, customers, and suppliers, then you probably bring your laptop with you. Your laptop is likely one of the most important business items that you own. Protection against thefts and information loss are vital, and this is why you probably have encryption programs, asset tags, and laptop locks. You should know that about one in every ten laptops are stolen though, and this means that you need to deter thieves from picking up your computer and walking away with it. [Read More]