Computer Security: Make Sure Your Small Business Is Protected From These 3 Common Threats

In today's unsettled political climate, cybersecurity has been elevated to a critical imperative. Cybersecurity has always been important, but it was mostly a problem for large businesses and organizations with large computer networks. Now small businesses and even individuals need to be concerned and take measures to protect themselves from malicious emails, Denial-of-Service (DoS) attacks, and ransomware. Here's a brief guide to keeping your small business safe. Hardening your email security [Read More]

Utilizing Cloud Computing Services For Your Business

The use of cloud computing services can be an important option for meeting your enterprise's IT needs. In order to make sure that you are able to effectively integrate these services into your operations, there are many myths that you may need to disregard. Myth: Cloud Services Only Offer Storage Solutions Storage solutions can be among the more popular and well-known services that a cloud computing provider may offer. However, this is far from the only way that cloud computing can benefit your company. [Read More]

How Repairable Is a Computer That Won't Turn On?

One of the most common computer repair issues is a system that just won't turn on. The computer either doesn't even show a power indicator light or it seems like it's powering up but does nothing. You might wonder if your system is fixable in this condition so let's look at what might be affecting it.  No Noises As strange as it sounds, no noises may be good news. Oftentimes, there are no noises because the problem is relatively simple. [Read More]

Is Something Wrong With Your Computer? 4 Ways You Know It Needs Professional Repairs

Computers have become a fundamental part of daily work, school work, and leisure activities. A new computer offers speed and efficiency in operations. However, as the computer grows older and gathers more data, it might slow down. Viruses and other harmful programs might also interfere with the software, leading to inefficiency. When a computer develops a problem, some people choose to diagnose the cause themselves and even try to fix it. [Read More]